The road home is home. (Rumi)

Welcome to radio unlike any other: music, poems, stories, birds, dogs - and the peace of a cabin-in-the-woods in Alberta, Canada. This is a labour-of-love by Bob Chelmick and the Friends of The Road Home.

NEW VIDEO From the Cabin
David Dodge
of Green Energy Futures has produced a fine new video that tells the story of this cabin-in-the-woods and The Road Home from an environmental viewpoint. Check it out here:

Now playing: the JUNE set of programs. The cycle of 27+ hours of programs is refreshed at the first of each month.

The NEW weekly two-hour Road Home is added here Mondays @ 7PM (Mtn). That program is heard first on CKUA Sundays at 8 PM in Alberta.

Pictures and video from the ranch are updated regularly on Instagram:

Feedback is appreciated.

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Welcome to The Road Home.

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